Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Code Apps

Francisco Moreno, Unsplash

The start

Two weeks ago I started to learn how to write Android Apps. The idea behind the initiative was to take the crucial step from thinking and talking towards doing and making. The approach was to code about an hour each day.

The best thing I have gotten this far has been the feeling of learning lots and lots of new things. By learning new things one starts to think differently and to some extent everything you knew earlier becomes enhanced. It is also clear that coding as an activity is highly addictive because there is an endless amount of small victories (and desperation :D).

Another benefit that I noticed was that when you write your own little experiments the whole development pipeline is significantly scaled down. Scaling business and IT consulting concepts down feels somehow fascinating. As an IT consultant you can find yourself working with large projects and complex supplier networks. Making fast decisions and experimenting quickly can be hard in a such context. Working in small scale on the other hand releases you from these challenges. Refreshing to say the least.

Some more straightforward and obvious benefits include gaining hands-on experience in software development, getting fresh ideas and extending your sphere of competence.

Next steps

There are so many technological things that I would have to learn to become a professional developer, but I think that the limiting factor is partnering and coming up with great ideas. It is too easy to focus on technology and forget that technology is an enabler.
The most natural thing is to continue to developing my technical skills and keep an eye for opportunities in fast growing areas such as sustainability and digital health.