DesOps: Design + Operations Combined

Jamison McAndie, UnSplash

The writing is inspired by a play of words. Playing mind games and twisting words is fun and this time it made me wonder more than usual. Here is the result unfiltered.

Know your DevOps

DevOps (Development and Operations) is a mindset which unites software development and operations. The goal for DevOps is to deliver value and deliverables continuously in short cycles. Some benefits for DevOps include breaking down organizational silos, improved customer experience and alignment between IT and business.

DevOps goal is achieved by automating the development, testing and deployment pipeline. Manual labor is automated so it is faster to test and get your code running into production environments. Collaboration between software development and operations professionals is a central element of a working DevOps pipeline.

Enter DesOps

The idea is fluffy so the best way might be to start with questions. Asking questions will help you to identify your current development pipeline and to focus your energy on streamlining the process.

In plain software engineering you can identify certain standard parts of the pipeline. However, design is not that standardized. What does your end-to-end design process look like? How does an idea flow from being an idea into being a well crafted deliverable? What are the major parts in it? Who are the people you work with?

How do you deliver your designs (whatever they might be)? Could you deliver more frequently in smaller chunks? Could you collaborate more effectively with different stakeholders you have in your design process? How could you streamline your “deployment pipeline”? Are your designs laying on at the table or on your computer before they get feedback?