Analytics Systems in Blocks

This post is inspired by Tulach’s Practical API Design -book. Tulach explores API design in software development and I thought his ideas might help us to understand something about the analytics field.

Cluelessness is a central concept in Tulach’s book. Cluelessness means that we do not truly understand how things we use are working. We have an idea, but true and thorough understanding is lacking.

Let’s take a car as an example. The people that use cars now how to operate one. They know how to get into one, switch on the engine and transport oneself to a predefined place. This doesn’t mean that the person would thoroughly understand how the car works and interacts with the surrounding environment.

Analytics developers will have understanding to put analytics blocks together instead of “understanding everything”. Not to know everything, but to know which blocks to select and how to connect these blocks into a system. This kind of a system is simple to set up and it does its job admirably. However, the system in whole is anything but simple.

Nowadays it requires minimal understanding to build something complicated and complex. The value comes from creating a system, which interacts effectively and efficiently with the surroundings. Think of internal and external aspects. Where is the bottleneck?