Agility, Complexity and Isolated Uncertainty

If you are not familiar with agile methodologies, you are at a right place. The goal for this outburst is to offer justification for agility and a starting point for non-agile people.


Agile methods are used to build complex things into complex environments. Agile can deliver things that waterfall styled management just cannot. It is great to see that some previously too complex and ambiguous problems can be transparently solved with an agile toolset.

Philosophically agility is interesting because it is a way to interact with extreme uncertainty in a predefined way. Uncertainty interacting with certainty. Think of it. Basically, it is all about isolating uncertainty. I think that General McChrystal’s book “Team of Teams” illustrates this interaction in an easy to understand way.

I also like the actionable stance towards uncertainty. Instead of describing different styles of uncertainty agile methods have a pragmatic way to tackle risks arising from uncertainty. In some cases uncertainty can even be advantageous. What would this mean?

Starting point

Well, here are the themes, go(ogle) for it! 😀

  • Kanban,
  • Scrum,
  • Less,
  • SAFe

Recommended reading about uncertainty

  • Taleb’s works
  • McChrustal’s “Team of Teams”